Our volunteers this year are Yadigar and Borbála from Türkiye and Hungary. Let them introduce themselves:

Yadigar Dönmez


I am Yadigar Dönmez, 25 years old. I am from İzmir in Türkiye.

I studied biochemistry at university. But these small laboratories were not enough for me. Whenever I had the opportunity, I wanted to work with children and young people. With them I began to get to know myself and my environment.

And I don't know what job I will do in the future, but I know what is the most important thing for me in this life: "Discovery" - discovering new people, discovering new cultures, discovering myself

And now I'm here to spend a year whole-hearted, ready for solidarity, ready to learn and explore...


Borbála Botta


I'm Borbála Botta from Hungary. I'm 18 years old and I graduated from high school last year.

As a volunteer, I have a variety of responsibilities, and I love each job for a different reason.

I see this program as a step for my career development. I don't have any concrete expectations, I don't even know exactly what to expect. Now I think I'm definitely in the phase of finding a path where everything can just come my way and nothing is fixed. I am open to anything where I can develop myself and help and support others.



A glimpse on their activities

The following video (in Geman) shows Márta on a busy Le+O day: