In 2021, a total of 85,744 Euros in aid was passed on from the Hildegard Burjan parish!

From the bottom of our hearts we thank all donors; all those who helped in any way to distribute the goods entrusted to us well.

This large sum is divided into:

Individual aid

Counselling and mediation are often an important step. To this end, the parish offices help with an enormous investment of time. Financial help is given in individual cases according to certain assessment criteria. Last year, this amounted to 12,596.82 euros.

Collections for church relief organisations at home and abroad

In addition to Caritas, there are other church relief organisations for which collections are made in the parish: The “Sternsinger”, the "Be So Free" campaign, the St. Elisabeth Foundation for Women in Need, Missio, the Women's Movement, MIVA, the Self Taxation groups, and many more.

Last year we collected a total of 35,828, 69 Euros for these relief organisations.

Self-taxation groups / Selbstbesteuerungsgruppen

In our parish Hildegard Burjan there are two self-taxation groups and a foundation that invite to concrete projects.

One World Group Neufünfhaus

Since 1987, the group has supported projects that strengthen women's self-confidence in India and enable them to receive an education, in cooperation with the Development Aid Club. In 2021, the group sent 2,800 euros in support to India.

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  • Account: Selbstbesteuerungsgruppe, IBAN: AT13 1100 0094 8313 3600 

Self-taxation group / Selbstbesteuerungsgruppe Schönbrunn-Vorpark 

This group decides annually on the allocation of funds to various projects.

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In 2021, the group paid out 4,500 euros to projects in India, Brazil and Tanzania.

Foundation "Promoting Youth - Crossing Boundaries”

Focuses on school education in Pakistan, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

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In 2021, the foundation donated a total of 30,019 euros to various school projects in Pakistan and Tanzania.

Structure and administration of the parish

The parish makes all these projects possible through the voluntary commitment of many individuals, through its premises, its administration, its technical equipment and, last but not least, through its proclamation of the Word of God. The help is an expression of our faith!

Other activities are:

Food distribution Le+O

Every week about 1½ tons of food are distributed in our parish. That makes about 80 tons a year. 20 volunteers help every Friday for three to four hours. That is more than 3,000 hours a year.

Warming Room / Wärmestube

From January to March, 900 people were able to stay in the parish hall for a day and were fed. About 2,000 meals were served. All in all, that was about 900 volunteer hours.

Where does the money come from?

The donations from the offertory at St Anthony's in our three churches belong entirely to the parish charity. Last year it was 1,200 euros. In addition, there are our Flohmarkt, the theatre and individual parish coffees.

In addition, there are individual donors who give specifically to Parish Caritas on the occasion of their birthdays, anniversaries or personal occasions. In 2021, this amounted to 7,567 euros. In special emergencies, help is provided from the normal parish budget. The parish ensures the overall structure for help anyway.

In addition to these donations, certain collections in the Sunday services are given to the church relief organisations, and of course the biggest help is the “Sternsingeraktion”. In 2021, a total of 56 children and young people collected the proceeds of 22,062 euros.

Our parish patroness Blessed Hildegard Burjan is a role model for us: She saw need, analysed it and stood up for the weak in society. She did not ask what others could do or what politics should take over.  Blessed Hildegard Burjan pray for us!

The mission statement of our Parish Hildegard Burjan states:

Human being is not made to be alone.

At every age it is helpful to meet with like-minded people. We invite people of all ages to form communities and groups. To do this, we need people who help to shape things.

When many help, then a togetherness is created.

A lively togetherness in the congregations only comes about through the help of many volunteers. We are very grateful for your church contribution/Kirchenbeitrag, which is the basis for financing our diverse tasks.